Wonderwerk Cave

Project Name

Wonderwerk Cave is situated between Danielskuil and Kuruman along the R39. It is approximately 12 km away from the Boesmnasput. The site was declared a national monument in 1993. A formal application for its declaration as a National Heritage Site was made by David Morris in August 2003. The site was approved by South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) Council as a Grade 1 site in June 2004.  The sites was subsequently listed as a National Heritage Site in 2009 and currently been on the Tentative List for World Heritage Inscription (Wonderwerk Management plan, 2009).  
Wonderwerk Cave is effectively placed under the care of the McGregor Museum.  The management of the caves are executed  by the  Wonderwerk Cave Committee (WWCC) comprising of representative from Ga-Segonyana and John TaoloGaetsewe District (formerly Kgalagadi) Municipalities, the McGregor Museum, the Niewoudt family, and the private sector in the local community. However, any development initiatives taking place at the site must be approved by SAHRA. The project will increase the tourism offering in the province.