Vision and Mission

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"Promoting the Northern Cape as a sustainable business and investment friendly province."


To be true to ourselves and to our purpose, our mission is to achieve the promotion of the Northern Cape as a business friendly province through:
Seeking sustainable growth at all times
Facilitating the creation of a conducive environment for trade and investment within the Province
Increased focus on attracting investment and
The promotion of trade
In pursuit of economic development
And this constantly in striving for sustainable and quality job creation at all times


Corporate Values

Our Values

NCEDA is anchored in the following fundamental values:
Transparency - We will communicate realness in our dealings with colleagues and clients at all times
Openness - We shall at all times be open to new ideas, thus reflecting the character of our clients at all times
Honesty - We will always be sincere and be truthful to ourselves and our clients
Integrity - Our organisation will be viewed by those, both within and without, as honest and upstanding
Professionalism - We will continuously build on previous performance by active, positive and constructive criticism of past actions and as such strive for professional action at all times
Leadership - We will be exemplary at all times and strive to be good ambassadors of the organisation
Accountability - We will be accountable for all our actions, good or bad and deal with the consequences thereof
Motivation - We shall at all times approach our work with enthusiasm and at the same time give every assignment our best effort
Resourcefulness - We shall use all our resources to demonstrate our capabilities and service excellence in order to stay relevant in our market place
Efficiency - We will at all times strive to achieve our goals with limited resources in good quality
Communication - We will ensure that all our clients and stakeholders are always informed about what we are doing
Relevance - We will always seek to create an environment where others may learn, grow and be fulfilled and reach their full potential



The mandate of NCEDA is to ensure enterprise development that will significantly contribute to economic growth and development within the Province by:
- Planning and assistance with business enterprise and rural development;
- The provision of funding in respect of approved enterprise development;
- Project management, development and management of immovable property;
- To attract and facilitate foreign and domestic direct investment into the Northern Cape;
- Growing exports of products and services of the Northern Cape through the development of exporter capacity, demand and market access; and
- Marketing the Northern Cape as a competitive business destination within the national and international markets