Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre

The Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre boasts a modern architecture, surrounded by the Victorian style of the Big Hole and Protea Hotel

Space and capacity

MSICC is designed to host multi-purpose events eg. Conventions, conferences, launches of products (cars, trucks etc.), sporting events, musical shows, church gatherings, meetings, events and weddings. The capacity is as follows:

  • Main auditorium – 2500 people
  • Break-away rooms x 4 – Seat 100 people per room
  • Main foyer – seat 300 people
  • Amphi-theatre – 2000 people
  • Boardroom and holding room – 27 people
  • Industrial kitchen – Cater for 3000 people
  • Outside areas for marquee tents and additional parking – 140 000 square metres


MSICC provide all services related to the events specifications which include the following:

  • Space
  • Cleaning services
  • Security services
  • Audio and Visual
  • Catering and décor
  • Health and safety
  • Set-up and break-down services

Bookings can be made at:

 Tel: 060 976 7361

Our Theme


Northern Cape Economic Development Trade and Investment Promotion Agency has set its eyes to be a 3D holding entity in the 5 coming years 2020 - 2024

A new university, a world-class astronomy project and billions of rands of investment in renewable energy underpin the Northern Cape’s investment proposition

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