Adventure Sports Resort (Big Hole Precinct, Kimberley)

Project Name

DEDAT, together with the NCTA, NCEDA, IDC have started preparing to conduct a pre-feasibility study for the establishment of an adventure sports resort in the Big Hole Precinct, Kimberley. 
DEDAT had discussions with De Beers CDM company who indicated their willingness to make the land available at a cost. Proceeds from the land sale will be for the benefit of the company that manages the Big Hole Museum and for further tourism development in Kimberley.
A number of technical studies in support of preparing for the pre-feasibility study, i.e. aerial survey, bulk link services (civil & electrical) and traffic impact study. Furthermore we have commenced with preparing the land for the Maloof Money Cup Skateboarding championship while a brand new visitor information office will be established in the Big Hole precinct to prepare for the influx of tourists, now that the conference centre is almost completed too. This bodes well for the successful establishment of an adventure sports resort at the Big Hole precinct and the investment benefits that is associated with a development of this kind.