Our Core Business

Our Business

 NCEDA attracts direct investment to the Northern Cape from international, national and local sources through providing the following services:

Investment Recruitment

NCEDA proactively markets the province and priority industries in order to attract investment. The agency’s investment promotion activities include:
- Investor research,
- Investor targeting,
- Inward and outward missions and
- Matchmaking local and foreign firms.

ii. Business Facilitation

Investment facilitation aims to minimise delays in the investment process. NCEDA offers several investment facilitation services including:
- Information on incentives,
- Site location,
- Accessing finance,
- Accessing incentives, and
- Professional referral service
- Marketing support.

iii. Aftercare

Through the aftercare programme, NCEDA aims to use the current pool of NCEDA investor clients as well as current investors in the Northern Cape who have not used the Agency’s services, as a source of increased investment through the expansion of their business interests in the province. The commitment to business retention and expansion also implies a dedication to current investors in the ambit of facilitation and advocacy.

iv. Advocacy

The aim of policy advocacy is to identify constraints to investment and alert decision makers to the negative effects these policies have on the business environment. The lobbying initiatives are driven to enhance the attractiveness of the Northern Cape as an investment location.

v. Trade Development & Promotion

NCEDA’s objective is to provide business opportunities, trade advice and support to Northern Cape companies wishing to grow their business internationally through sustainable export trade.  NCEDA offers a number of key services which can be tailored to meet the needs of individual companies, small, medium and large. NCEDA supported by intelligence, will provide businesses with a ‘package’ of support to maximise opportunities that assists Northern Cape clients meet the challenges and manage the risks of doing business in international markets.

vi. Export Development

Three key pillars support the export development objective and NCEDA’s market led offering:
- Export Skills Development
- Export Advice
- Information Services / Signposting
Exporter training programmes fulfil an important role as part of NCEDA’s commitment to the skills development agenda for the Province. Through the Exporter Development Programme (EDP), NCEDA aims to improve export awareness and proficiency from initial familiarisation and awareness to more in-depth strategic and tactical aspects of doing business internationally.   
Three programme modules cover the development needs.  These are:
- EDP 1: Generic introduction to the A-Z of exporting in order to raise awareness of the export opportunity for ‘new to export’ SMEs.
- EDP 2: In-depth export orientation over 3 months resulting in the further development of an export marketing plan.
- EDP 3: Information seminars on various topics of relevance for developing / active exporters.
Furthermore, the development of an Export Diagnostic Service provides new and aspirant exporters with valuable feedback in terms of their development needs in preparing their business for the ‘export journey’. Export advice will assist clients to understand the competitive nature of their chosen market/s (and also assist them to compete in the local market against greater international challenge).  The advice will also support moving into traditional and emerging (High-Growth) markets with clients prepared for the opportunities, challenges and barriers that these markets present.

vii. Export Promotion

NCEDA’s export promotion services assist companies in marketing their products to buyers in key markets. The following platforms are used:
Participation in trade fairs and national pavilions,
Providing case studies and success stories relevant to the market or sector
Signposting to relevant publications, trade associations and forums
Outward selling missions
Inward buying missions

viii. Export Facilitation (Client Interactions)

NCEDA facilitates exports from the Northern Cape by:
- Visiting / meeting with clients – face to face
- Handling export enquiries,
- Providing access to a service providers’ directory for exporters,
- Providing a signposting (referral) service and
- Distributing leads.

ix. Retention & Expansion

Clients of NCEDA are assisted as they move through the export value chain from being predominantly ‘development’ customers to a greater focus on facilitation or promotion services.  The on-going need for existing exporters to enter new markets and receive relevant information provides an opportunity for NCEDA to maintain and support client development.

x. Advocacy

The export process is directly and indirectly affected by regulation and legislation. NCEDA actively assists clients in seeking solutions to smooth the export process. This function is based on the critical factors of political visibility and private sector involvement. In being an active voice in task forces, submitting policy proposals, lobbying for change and maintaining an active connection with the private sector.
The use of international in-market networks and associations can provide clients with support to meet with partners in their chosen export markets.

xi. Economic Development

The unit will provide an intelligence service both internally to NCEDA’s respective departments as well as externally to the Agency’s clients. Intelligence is largely focused on economic intelligence and specifically on investment and trade intelligence. This intelligence informs the core services of trade and investment promotion and also provides direction in the strategic planning process.
The unit intends to develop intelligence offerings/products forming part of the Agency’s revenue generating services. Facilitation services will be housed and administered by the unit. Finally, research projects within the Agency’s core mandate from stakeholders will be project managed by this unit. The unit will also focus on Special projects i.e. the profiling of international business opportunities in key sectors with application in the Northern Cape’s non-metro areas (rural development).